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Car Charger, Car Multifunctional Mini Hidden Car Charger, PD30W+QC3.0 Fast Charging

Car Charger, Car Multifunctional Mini Hidden Car Charger, PD30W+QC3.0 Fast Charging

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⚡ Compatible with All Smartphones, Tablets

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I just took it. Car chargers are relatively small. It can be used as a charging station for the vehicle. It's so good. Good quality. The design of the two charging ports is very good. I wouldn't worry about that. In the future, the car won't have enough charging ports, even if there are two people it will be enough to charge.

worth price

The structure is relatively good, with dual ports that can charge two mobile phones at the same time. Charging speed is also relatively fast. Durable metal appearance and good quality. The colors are gentle and simple. It also has a small pull handle on it.

ok ok

General assessment: The car charger is made of metal, sturdy, durable, fast charging, the car charger has good structure, 2 charging ports, thoughtful pull ring design. is charging and the actual charging speed is the same as introduced. It's fast charging

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Car charger head with exquisite workmanship, metal texture, good grip feeling, just the size of a thumb. There are two charging ports that support fast charging. Charge mobile phones quickly and save charging time. You can put it in your car and charge it with confidence.

very good

The car charger is small in size, although it looks small, it can support 30W fast charging. It can charge Apple phones as fast as the original plug. It looks very nice when installed on the car and has good workmanship.

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