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Crossbody Color Bag Unisex

Crossbody Color Bag Unisex

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🔥 Fancy design, catching trends

🎁 Great gift for your lover

👜 1 Anti-theft bag that holds everything

💦 High quality, completely waterproof

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Product description

1 bag that holds everything

Comfortable in the rain, completely waterproof

Material: Khaki

Weight: 0,26g

Size: 37cm*17cm*9cm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
looks good

The design is simple and luxurious, when taken out it is not easy to be bumped, the capacity is also large and it is waterproof! ~Excellent workmanship, looks very nice on the back

Dave G.
good product

The workmanship details are not elaborate, the layout is very simple! I like this crossbody bag, the capacity is large enough, the quality is no problem, both working men and women or college students can easily carry it, and can enter with their eyes closed.

worth the price

Capacity: 1/10 the size of a camcorder. Will my tablet be bigger or something... As soon as I held it, it felt like it didn't fit. Sure... I'm not that special. picky about anything else There really are a lot of topics and I cut them out a lot.

very useful,durable,Very handy

It is light and convenient, the actual capacity is not small, can hold water bottles, switches, umbrellas, some small snacks, crossbody bags without tiring at all, very good. The important thing is that it is high quality and low price!

recommend to you

The size is just right, can hold water bottles, umbrellas, and chargers, very convenient for short trips and bus rides.