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Forging Round Head Kitchen Knife

Forging Round Head Kitchen Knife

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Product description

Powerful and versatile, our chef's knife features an astonishingly sharp cutting edge that tapers to a precision tip. You'll slice through hard vegetables or finely trim proteins with ease.

This versatile blade will replace virtually every knife in your kitchen and will quickly become your favorite tool to cut, slice and chop nearly anything in front of you.

The razor-sharp steel blade is so sharp it can easily cut through sturdy foods. We can tackle any job with absolute ease.

Comfortable Grip
Signature construction makes this knife extremely comfortable use and features an ergonomically crafted handle to ensure "surgical precision"

Craftsman handmade forged knife
The whole process goes through repeated cycles such as hammering, quenching, high-temperature tempering, and forging which ensures the durability and longer service life of the knife. We promise that this knife can be polished repeatedly many times so that the blade can remain sharp for a long time.

Product Display
The high-carbon steel blade is carefully forged, ensuring a long lasting edge that's easy to maintain.

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