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6 Layers Water Filter for Home Water Purifier Filter Activated Carbon Filtration Tap Water Mini Faucet Filter Kitchen Accessory

6 Layers Water Filter for Home Water Purifier Filter Activated Carbon Filtration Tap Water Mini Faucet Filter Kitchen Accessory

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Product description

6-stage water filtration system

With 6 layers of continuous filtration in a reasonable arrangement, the water passing through will be filtered out 99% of impurities that are not good for your health. Each filter stage is made of a special material, including: PVA Non-woven fabric, Zeolite, Medical stone, Calcium sulfite, Natural coconut shell activated carbon.

Easy Installation - Fits all faucet sizes

With its simple design and adjustable screws, this product can be installed anywhere, anytime with ease. It can fits all household plumbing size (16-23mm), without leak or fall out during use.

Filter out clean & safe water 

1st layer: PVA membrane made of non-woven fabric filters out all impurities in the water such as mud, garbage, rust...

2nd layer: Zeolite gravel, this is the type of gravel commonly used in aquariums because it has a high ability to absorb ammonia, mold and heavy metals in the water.

3rd layer: Maifan gravel, is a type of mineral rock found in nature, on the surface there are millions of millions of tiny holes, so the maifan stone has the ability to attract and decompose pollutants and bacteria in the water. Eliminate odors and prevent decomposition (anti-rot, rotting). Absorb-decompose heavy metals in water, neutralize toxicity in cement, antibacterial, prevent bacteria, deodorize.

4th layer: Calcium Sulfite gravel, absorbs toxins and balances the pH of the water

5th layer: Activated coconut fiber: absorbs residual chlorine, heavy metals and strange odors

6th layer: PVA membrane made of non-woven fabric, final filtering of suspended substances, dirt


Safe for skin

The water has been removed from dirt and germs, so you can rest assured when using water for washing your face or personal hygiene.

Safe for drinking directly or use for cooking

The level of safety is reliable that you can completely drink the water that comes out of the faucet directly. And please protect the health of the whole family when using water for cooking.


Save water - Avoid water splashing

The flow of water when passing through the filters will reduce the strong pressure, helping the water to flow from the faucet with just enough pressure, without splashing and causing waste.




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