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Vacuum Storage Bag & Machine

Vacuum Storage Bag & Machine

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Product description

❗1 Set = 1 Vacuum Machine & 1 Package of 4 Bags

- 1 Package included:

+ 1 x S size (40x60cm)

+ 1 x M Size (50x70cm)

+ 1 x L Size (60x80cm)

+ 1 x XL Size (80x100cm)


3-4X Storage Space

Taking every bit of air from the bags shrinks blankets and quilts to 80% and clothes and other goods to 60% paving space for more storage.


Reusable. Durability is very high, can be used for several years


Can be used to store various pieces including soft toys, rugs, clothes, blankets, quilts, pillows, rajai, and extra tight airlock ensures that they stay compressed. 

Extra Protection

The triple-seal formula acts as double security making no air to pass, thereby keeping the items stored inside safe from any moisture.


Made of thick and high-grade transparent Polyamide Polyethylene for reusability. When the bag is not in use ensure that it is safely folded and secured in a place away from sharp objects for long usage.

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