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Vacuum Storage Sealer Bag & Electric Pump

Vacuum Storage Sealer Bag & Electric Pump

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✅ Save 3 times more space

✅ Protect clothing from insect bites

♻️ Waterproof bag material, durable over time

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How To Order

After you placed the order. We will call direct for order confirmation. Once confirmed, order will be dispatched in 24 hours.

Please pick up call, without call confirmation, we can not ship.

 ❗1 Set = 1 Vacuum Machine & 1 Package of 4 Bags


Saving 75% of Space

Our SPACE MAX vacuum bags are great for maximizing space savers for you! They can be used for storing a variety of sizes of items such as bedding clothes, blankets, pillows, plush toys, and more.

Maximize your living space and clothing with the original space-saving solution.

Save Time & Energy

Can use an electric pump, hand pump, or vacuum cleaner for air extraction, to improve pumping efficiency, convenience, and fast, saving time and effort.

Tight Sealing & Airtightness

Our vacuum bags are made of durable and premium quality PA+PE and double zipper seal. Triple-seal turbo valve ensures the space bag is airtight, watertight moisture-proof, and insect-proof, and protects your items for a lasting period.

Durability & Reusability

Vacuum bags sized 0.11mm, are much thicker than other vacuum bags. Its superior material makes bags durable and reusable. Its transparent design helps to find goods easily.

4 Easy Steps to Vacuum

Simply put the items in our storage vacuum bag, seal the zipper, suck out the air, and close the lid.

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