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EMS BELLY MASSAGE BELT | Vibration Massage Reduce Excess Fat | EMS Vibration Stimulate Muscles

EMS BELLY MASSAGE BELT | Vibration Massage Reduce Excess Fat | EMS Vibration Stimulate Muscles

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🔥 Massages and heats at the same time

🔥 Freely adjustment

🔥 15 modes Gym exercise stimulation

🔥 Breathable material & Long battery life

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Product description

Improve Blood Circulation 

Electric Pulse EMS Technology with 10000 RPM vibration will stimulate blood circulation throughout the entire body, Which means Oxygen will be delivered to all parts, including the brain. As a result, it will help you reduce stress and fatigue, as well as enhance your overall health.

Effective Weight Loss

Electric Pulse EMS Technology with 10000 RPM vibration can burn excess fat effectively, specially suitable for ones who want to lose weight. 


According to statistics, the amount of calories consumed in 30 minutes of using this EMS Belly Massager is equivalent to 1,5 hours of exercise at the gym. 

Stimulating & Firming Muscles

When using a massage belt with vibration mode from level 3 or higher, the abdominal muscles will be strongly stimulated to help them become firmer and slimmer.



EMS Massage Technology

EMS massage belt is integrated with 15 massage modes from basic to advanced, along with 6 vibration levels with a maximum capacity of 10000 RPM. Easy-to-use control panel and LED display.

Just choose the vibration mode and massage program that you feel most suitable and comfortable, then lie down and relax for 1 hour, you can feel the difference after use.

Portable Massager For Everyone

With a minimalist convenient design, you can use this massage belt anywhere and anytime you want. Especially suitable for those who do not have time to go to the gym.


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Customer Reviews

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Jaya Havaldar

My whole family is using the same one and everyone likes it. Maybe have to wait for a sale to buy another one

Anya Sami

Ok goood jobs

Tarabai Panja

The machine works as advertised, everyone

Kavuri Nancy

Currently using it, hope it works well in the next few years

Rati Thakore

The product works as advertised, remember not to throw away the user manual